Project: Fourier Transform Tools
Author:Arkadi Kagan

This directory contain a set of tools and math documents that can be useful for first step in Audio analysis.

All projects have limitation of what can be audio input or output: it must be raw 8 bits/sample mono audio data without advanced information.

Download source and binaries.
Current list of projects:
1 FrontEnd
Demonstrates DCT transform on continuous audio.
Result is painted as colored greed.
Main parameters can be adjusted.
2 Graphic
Allows to show audio source with different zooming.
Can mark arbitrary part of source.
Marked part of the source can be played.
Marked part of the source can be saved in file.
3 Player
Player that is able to play and record audio data as it is required by other tools.
4 ViewDCT
Demonstrates behavior of DCT coefficients.
Allows to see how single specific DCT coefficient influences the resulting curve.
Have option to tail resulting curve (after IDCT).
Resulting curve can be played.
Data to analyze can be loaded from a file.

Compilation instructions:
The recommended entry-point is "Speech.dsw"
This file is a workspace created by Visual C++ 6.0.

All project dependencies are signed in ".dsw" file.
This mean compilation of any project must automatically run all its dependencies.

Advanced static libraries, used in project:
1 Audio
Library that gives simplified interface to audio input/output.
Available only relevant options and nothing more.
Can be used out of project as stand-along library.
2 Math
Currently only DCT and IDCT functions in it simplest implementation.

1. Find all possible crushes - I can not do it without external feedback.
2. Add missing functionality that will be found critical.

Documentation on subject.

Document with detailed prove of Fourier Transform.

Document with detailed motivation for Complex Multidimentional vectors Orthogonality to be valid.

Document with detailed prove of Fast Fourier Transform of Radix 2 for Complex and Real data.

This links are to my own documents. Reference for advanced reading can be found inside.

SourceForge project summary and download is here: 1D DCT Tools